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    Celeb Getaways: Unveiling the 20 Luxurious Destinations Loved by the Stars

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    Uncover the hidden gems and luxurious retreats that have captivated Hollywood’s elite. Embark on a virtual journey through 20 destinations loved by the stars, from sun-kissed beaches to majestic mountains and vibrant cities.

    Destinations Loved by the Stars List:

    Kenya, Cabo San Lucas-Mexico, Lake Como-Italy, Antibes-France, Ibiza, Tahiti, Caribbean, Corsica, Greece, French Riviera, United Kingdom, Aspen, Barbados, Costa Rica, Formentera, Hawaii, Mammoth Mountain-Calif, Madrid, New York, Dubai.

    Demi Lovato, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

    1. Kenya – Demi Lovato

    On her international travels, the Cool For The Summer singer has visited her fair share of lovely places, but Kenya grabbed her heart more than any other. Demi Lovato celebrated her 21st birthday in Kenya in 2013 and has felt a tremendous attraction to the country’s wonderful aura ever since.

    Lovato returned to her favourite nation in early 2017 to assist with the WE Movement nonprofit, which aids local schools and communities. She later took to Instagram to share photos of herself dressed in traditional African Massai attire at a surprise celebration hosted in her honour by locals. “One of the most incredible moments of the trip,” she captioned it.

    Jennifer Aniston, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

    2. Jennifer Aniston resides in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
    When the FRIENDS star needs to unwind, there’s one destination she returns to time and again: Cabo San Lucas. Jen Aniston stated to Harper’s Bazaar that Cabo is her favourite holiday site and that she has taken many of her closest friends there, including BFFs Courteney Cox and Jason Bateman.

    Aniston was just photographed there in January of this year, celebrating the first few hours of 2018 with her closest friends and family. Jen’s favourite Cabo property, the One&Only Palmilla, offers world-class restaurants and infinity pools with views of the sea for $940 per night. Yikes!

    3. Chrissy Teigen is in Lake Como, Italy.
    Mrs. John Legend considers Lake Como to be her soothing getaway. This remote location in Northern Italy is noted for its stunning views as well as its peaceful and modest environment. It’s no surprise that Chrissy Teigen brings her family here on a regular basis.

    Teigen not only adores Lake Como for its peace and breathtaking beauty, which she describes as “like a painting,” but it’s also where she and husband John tied the wedding. In addition, immediately before the wedding, John Legend shot the video for his single All Of Me there. Ugh. Goals for romance!

    4. Leonardo DiCaprio resides in Antibes, France.
    If you want to bump into Leo DiCaprio by the pool, it’s a good guess that he spends the majority of his summers and downtime in Antibes, the crown gem of the French Riviera. The Wolf of Wall Street actor enjoys relaxing at the 5-star resort between Cannes and Nice, which offers jazz, good wine, and picture-perfect sunsets.

    DiCaprio had been photographed in Antibes earlier this month, sunning himself on his yacht with girlfriend Camila Morrone, attempting to make the most of the remaining summer months. You better believe Leo misses the after-party for a sail to Antibes in between all the events of the Cannes Film Festival!

    5. Ibiza, Calvin Harris
    It’s almost a rite of passage for all DJs to play Ibiza after they’ve made it big, and for Scottish-born DJ and producer Calvin Harris, working in the world’s party capital also has him falling in love with many of the island’s lesser-known attractions.

    While some celebrities may like to spend their vacations in the South of France or the Bahamas, Calvin Harris prefers to stay close to home. When he’s not on the decks, Harris may be found soaking up the rays (or nursing a hangover!) on the deck chairs that line the sandy white beaches of party headquarters.

    6. Gigi Hadid in Tahiti
    Tahiti is one of those places that seems too perfect to be true, and Gigi Hadid is one famous person who has fallen in love with it. The stunning French Polynesian island wowed the lovely model when she visited it in 2015.

    Reminiscing on her vacation, Hadid told Harper’s Bazaar why Tahiti has become her go-to vacation destination: “It’s one of the only places that actually looks the way it does in pictures.” The weather can be utterly overcast and rainy and still be lovely.” You don’t say anything.

    7. Jay Z and Beyonce in St. Barts, Caribbean
    Music’s most powerful pair can’t seem to stay away from St. Barts in the Caribbean and seem to find any excuse to visit. Beyonce and Jay Z have reportedly rushed off to the island of St. Barthelemy island (St. Barts for short) to celebrate Easter, the couple’s wedding anniversaries, and even Blue Ivy’s first birthday. Swish!

    The stunning French-speaking Caribbean island offers private beach walks, exquisite spas, and high-end bars and stores as far as the eye can see. Blue may not have realised it, but her parents understood how to pack adventure into her first year on Earth!

    8. Penélope Cruz – Corsica
    When Penélope Cruz decides to take a break from a film production, she flies to the hot French area of Corsica to relax with relatives. The Loving Pablo actress and her husband, fellow actor Javier Bardem, visit the beautiful island as frequently as they can with their two children, Leonardo and Luna.

    Cruz enjoys the fashionable Mediterranean island so much that she was pictured relaxing there less than two weeks after giving birth. That is what we refer to as a push present! We wish we had the means to begin parenting with a tiny slice of paradise like this.

    9. Khloe Kardashian – Greece
    The Kardashians have visited pools and sun loungers all over the world, from Thailand and Bora Bora to Paris and Florence. Among all of their vacation destinations, middle Kardashian sister Khloe has chosen Greece as her favourite.

    After visiting the Greek islands in 2013, Khloe fell in love with them and hasn’t looked back since. Khloe exclaimed on her website about her trips, “It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, and definitely a place I would go back to.” Khloe has returned there several times with her sisters Kim and Kourtney, as well as her mother, Kris Jenner.

    10. Mila Kunis – French Riviera
    The French Riviera’s beauty has drawn a slew of A-list celebrities, from Johnny Depp and Cat Blanchett to Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot in the past. Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher are among its most frequent visitors, who come to enjoy the joys of the Cote d’Azur on a regular basis.

    The French Riviera is the ultimate playground for the affluent and famous, and celebrity couples such as Mila and Ashton have been spotted kissing on St. Tropez’s beaches. The couple has also been seen signing the guestbook at the Hotel du Cap, one of the region’s finest and most romantic luxury hotels. Oh, my goodness!

    11. Rupert Grint, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
    Rupert Grint may have amassed enormous wealth as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise, but his favourite vacation spot is refreshingly low-key. Grint chose the Isle of Wight as his favourite paradise because it is close to home and dear to his heart.

    Grint had many pleasant summers as a boy on the lovely island off the south coast of England, and it’s a place he’ll always return to: “We went there as a family, three summers in a row.” We had a lot of fun exploring the caves and beaches. There is no finer holiday for a child.”

    12. Aspen by Mariah Carey
    Aspen, Colorado’s picture-perfect slopes have long been a fantastic backdrop for a romantic Christmas getaway, and it appears that celebs have the right idea when it comes to preparing a winter wonderland to remember. Mariah Carey is one celebrity who can’t get enough of the picturesque mountain resort.

    In snowy photos posted to her Instagram, Carey has made numerous travels to Aspen with her children and (now ex-husband) Nick Cannon. One photo, in particular, appears to have been taken from Mariah’s video for ‘All I Want For Christmas,’ in which she and her children are dressed in beautiful ski gear and chunky sweaters, with a postcard-perfect lodge in the background. Brr! It makes us want to organise a cosy winter holiday right away!

    13. Rihanna – Barbados
    Rihanna, ever the homebody, loves to spend her vacations in her homeland of Barbados, where she was born. When she isn’t on tour, RiRi is said to like nothing more than visiting her family’s home and soaking in the sun on the island’s magnificent stretch of pristine white beaches.

    The Wild Thoughts singer has been spotted in Barbados clubs with A-list companion and model Cara Delevingne over the Christmas holidays, and when she’s not partying hard, she’s likely to be relaxing on yachts or participating in water sports with friends and family on the turquoise waves.

    14. Costa Rica, Joss Stone
    Joss Stone, a honey-voiced singer-songwriter, has played frequently in Costa Rica throughout the course of her career and has fallen in love with the country. Stone got the opportunity to discover lesser-known regions of the magnificent country when she travelled to the heart of the jungle with her friend and stylist.

    Stone was practically in the centre of heaven after taking a private plane to Manuel Antonio, one of the country’s many beautiful national parks: “You’re surrounded by trees and exotic creatures.” You could be eating breakfast when you notice a sloth climbing a tree. We also went whitewater rafting and toured the lush forests. It was amazing.”

    15. Formentera, Naomi Campbell
    Formentera, a few kilometres south of Ibiza, is a tranquil and lovely island where supermodel Naomi Campbell spends her free time. Formentera, the smallest and most subtle of the Balearic islands, may not be as party-hard as its neighbour, but it has the same crystal blue waters and calm attitudes – as well as enough nightlife to please celebrity wishing to let their hair down.

    Campbell has been photographed sunbathing on the white sandy beaches of Formentera with friend and fellow model Kate Moss, as well as on her personal yacht with her ex-Russian partner, Vladislav Doronin.

    16. Mel B, Hawaii
    When former Spice Girl Mel B wants to unwind, she heads to Hawaii, one of the most tranquil places on the planet. It’s no surprise that this is her favourite, with miles of pure white beaches and turquoise blue oceans. When she visits the island, the ex-singer enjoys sunset boat excursions and snorkelling with her children.

    Mel B was also taken over by the legendary Hawaiian hospitality and pleasant character of the residents, telling The Telegraph: “the people have such a lovely aura about them, all open arms and so welcoming.” Nothing was too minor for them.”

    17. Joe Jonas, Mammoth Mountain, Calif.
    Joe, the middle Jonas brother, has travelled to many beautiful destinations, but if pressed, he would have to choose Mammoth Lakes, California, and notably Mammoth Mountain. on an interview with Us Weekly, Joe revealed, “If I had one day left on earth, I’d ski with my family in Mammoth Mountain.”

    Joe was born and reared in Arizona, but his family always vacationed in California, and he appears to be continuing the family tradition even as he approaches 30. Sophie Turner, Joe’s fiancee and Game of Thrones beauty, even met Joe’s parents for the first time during one of their ski outings.

    18. Enrique Iglesias – Madrid
    When it comes to breathtaking locations, pop artist Enrique Iglesias can’t go wrong with his homeland of Madrid. Enrique spent many happy years in the Spanish capital with his family before moving to Miami to pursue a singing career, and he enjoys returning to the colourful city whenever possible.

    In an interview with The Telegraph, the Hero singer raved about how “magical” Madrid remains for him: “When I think of my best holidays ever, it has to be the ones we had in Madrid when I was young.” Going back and staying at my mother’s house was a lot of fun, especially over the holidays. Those times stand out no matter where I go in the globe.”

    19. Joan Collins lives in New York.
    Joan Collins, the legendary Dynasty actress, has always chosen New York as her favourite holiday location, and what’s not to love? New York City is regarded as one of the most romantic and fascinating places on the planet, ideal for a short getaway or a long holiday.

    Collins like New York’s high-end eating and nightlife scene, but above all, she adores the city’s undeniable spirit, perfectly encapsulating that despite the season, New York always has its charms: “It has everything for the perfect holiday.” Winters can be harsh, but the sun shines brightly most of the time, and the tower vistas are stunning.”

    20. Michelle Williams (Dubai)
    Michelle Williams fell totally over heels for Dubai after just one trip in 2005. The Destiny’s Child singer was on tour with her colleagues, Beyonce and Kelly, when the girls decided to go exploring, and it turned out to be a day she’ll never forget.

    Michelle told The Telegraph about her Dubai adventures, saying, “We got taken to the sand dunes in dune buggies, we had a beautiful barbecue, belly danced, and got Henna tattoos all up our arms.” It felt like heaven!” The Destiny’s Child girls have since returned for females-only vacations and, most recently, for Beyonce’s push party in 2017 to mark the birth of her twin boys.

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