Squirrel Problems?

Squirrels are the single most common wild creature in all of North America. Anyone who livees in North America understands what this critter offender looks like: big bushy tail, grey or black coat, bloated cheeks and a loud chatter. Sound familiar? While they could be cute to look at, anyone with a squirrel difficulty knows just how annoying and damaging they may be. How do squirrels test your patience as well as the health of your yard?

Squirrel, Animal, Cute, RodentsSquirrels can disrupt your peaceful existence in a lot of ways. Outside, squirrels can create havoc on your garden and lawn. Once they’ve eaten all of the fruits and vegetables that you worked hard to grow, but they also dig in your flower beds and in your lawn.

If the destruction outside the home is not bad enough, squirrels can do much more damage in your home. The customary place that squirrels enter the residence is through the loft and then work their way into the walls. Not only is it extremely annoying to listen to their scampering and chattering in the middle of the night, but they can create their nests in those hard to reach places. They could rip up your insulation and chew on electric wiring, which generates the perfect concoction to start a fire. Now that we’ve discussed the problems they cause, how do you eliminate them?

– Trapping squirrels works, if you’ve got the patience and gear to see it through. There are numerous options for squirrel traps including single traps and multiple traps. Single traps that just catch one squirrel at a time are not exactly the best choice, if you don’t simply have one squirrel. A number of cubes are better as they can catch multiple squirrels in one trap.

– There are several repellents, both bodily and compound, on the market but none of them work. Physical deterrents include owl figurines that can work initially, however, the squirrels will immediately learn that they’re not going to hurt them. Forget about the spray on chemical deterrents. Not only are they inefficient, but they’re expensive.

– Poisons are inhumane and they can really backfire on you. If you poison the squirrel, it could retreat to a difficult to reach place to die which will make it tougher to you. You can also harm other creatures that get hold of this poison or eats the squirrel that has been poisoned and may become poisoned indirectly. Never poison a squirrel or another animal.
While you may not want to spend the cash up front for a service, it actually is cheaper in the long run as you continually throw money at the problem.

Squirrels are frustrating and destructive little creatures, but with the appropriate tools and knowledge, you can get rid of your squirrel problem and Bat Removal for good. Remember, never attempt to poison the animal and if you’re in doubt, always call an expert to manage the problem.